Artist Spotlight - Cindy Autry

     Cindy Autry is a Tennessee born and raised artist with a love for art in every aspect. She has always had a passion for art even at a noticeably early age. Her drawings started out as doodles, sketches and even drawings of sample house plans, which used to be in the Sunday Living Section of the Tennessean as a child. Being a self-taught artist she did have a little help along the way with some very  talented artists. Those artists and teachers were Ms. Lasaster, Ann Ford, and Pat Cathey, who taught more about the heart and soul of art.

     After High School graduation she attended MTSU and started out taking classes in art history, design and drawing during her course study. As the years went by, she picked back up her passion for art and the Marshall County Art Guild was working towards providing a store front presence and she wanted to be a part of the exciting happenings that it would bring to the square and the community. Over the years she has been a member of the Marshall County Art Guild, Past President, and is the current Kids Art Instructor for the Guild. Her passion is to nurture young artists into exploring their interests in the arts. Hopefully, they will carry that passion on throughout their lifetime as well.